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Sigiswald Kuijken, once more pilgrim in Spain?

Yes indeed ! On May 5th Sigiswald Kuijken, his wife Marleen Thiers and their friend Jean-Marie Vanderstraeten will travel again to Spain - they will continue their pilgrimage on the Camino de Levante , the old route from Valencia to Santiago de Compostela.

Two years ago they stopped their walk in Avila - now this place will be their departure point, and on May 26th they will reach the little town of Mombuey, some 300 km further on the route to Santiago...

No violin, no viola - no donkey, no dog - no laptop, no iPad: they will only take their rucksack and 2 sticks. But in their pocket will be hidden a little notebook, in which striking moments and other highlights will be stored... In their heart they will carry joys and pains... The cadence of their steps, the sun and the wind, and - who knows - perhaps a little rain sometimes, will accompany them and remind them of the essence: that Life is a gift and that Art can honour and celebrate it in thousand ways ...

Like in 2015, Sigiswald, Marleen and Jean-Marie will dedicate their pilgrimage to their beloved orchestra "La Petite Bande", in order to counter the very difficult financial situation of the ensemble after the (renewed) complete stop of official support from the authorities.

They invite all of you, dear lovers and admirers of La Petite Bande, to contribute to the realisation of a specific project in December 2017 : a choice of beautiful baroque Christmas cantates, which will also be recorded on CD for ACCENT after the concert performances. This project can only be brought to a good end with your substantial help.

This cantata-program is conceived like a round-trip in time and personality: from Buxtehude over Bach to Telemann, and back from Telemann via Bach to Buxtehude again :

Dietrich Buxtehude (1637 - 1707) : “In dulci jubilo”

J.S. Bach (1685 -1750): “Süsser Trost, mein Jesus kömmt” (Cantate BWV 151, uit 1725)

G.Ph.Telemann (1681 - 1767) : “O Jesu Christ, dein Kripplein ist” (Cantate uit 1748)


G.Ph. Telemann : Missa (brevis) on the Christmas song “Ein Kindelein so löbelich” (1735)

J.S. Bach : “Ich freue mich in dir” (1724 - BWV 133)

Dietrich Buxtehude : “Das neugeborne Kindelein”

The instrumental ensemble will consist of one traversflute, 2 oboes, 4 violins, one viola, bass violin and organ.They will support the 4 singers (soprano, alto, tenor, bass). Sigiswald Kuijken will lead the performance from the violin.

Dear friends in music, you can make the difference, and sustain with us, the 3 pilgrims and the entire Petite Bande, the spirit and the realisation of this initiative. By doing so, you will be like walking along with us, in our and your thoughts, on the old Spanish roads through hills and villages. Please let your heart and inspiration decide how strongly you wish to support our project ! Our warm thanks will be coming from deep in our hearts...

The estimated cost of this cantata-project is 28.000 €.

Many little make one big, they say…

To send us your contribution, you can:

1. donate via PayPall (button 'Donate' on the left side of this page)

2. or transfer your donation directly to the account of "Support La Petite Bande” :

IBAN: BE76 7350 2267 9695 ---- BIC: KREDBEBB

You will be able to follow on our web-site the amounts of support already totalised. If ever the estimated sum is being surpassed, this will be a very welcome supplementary help for the orchestra, which has other attractive plans in mind for the future !

How will we honour your donation ?

- As soon as we return home, we will combine our travel-notes into one nice text and send it to you.

When the finances allow us to record the program  each donor will receive an exemplar of the CD  as soon as it is  published

- When the necessary total estimated sum is reached, La Petite Bande will organize an exclusive free concert for you, the donors, with the Christmas Cantate-program. This will be an excellent occasion to get to know each other more closely, for you and us !
(Exact date and place will be communicated later on)

Dietrich, Johann Sebastian and Georg Philip will be very happy and grateful for your support, and - beyond doubt -they will accompany Sigiswald, Marleen and Jean-Marie on Santiago's tracks...