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Camino 2019

Will Sigiswald Kuijken and Marleen Thiers walk alone on their pilgrimage this year, without their friend Jean-Marie?

Yes, they will indeed...Their walking companion Jean-Marie cannot join them this time in order to complete the Camino all the way to Santiago de Compostela ... For that reason, they decided together to postpone until 2020 their arrival in Santiago. Instead, Sigiswald and Marleen will walk 400 km from 3rd to 29th of this may in France, on the Jacobean pilgrim route from Nevers to Limoges.

As usual, they will not take any musical instrument on their way - neither a donkey, nor a laptop... Not even a camera to take pictures! Only their batons and their rucksack will accompany them, and in their little note-books they will write down particular impressions or striking events during their journey. Happy and joyful, they take the road. In their heart they carry all the joys and sorrows of the world and in a specific way their thoughts will go to the well-being of their beloved orchestra La Petite Bande.

At the occasion of this pilgrimage, Marleen and Sigiswald invite all lovers and admirers of La Petite Bande to support financially the orchestra's new Bach-project : concert performances and recording on CD of all of Bach's concerto's for one and two harpsichords and strings - as well as both violinconcerto's and the double concerto for two violins and strings. This will result in 3 CDs of four concerto's.

LPB will start this project in the season 2019/2020. In order to realize the first CD of this set, the orchestra needs about € 20.000,00./p>

The actual amount of the donations received so far will be announced and updated regularly on LPB 's website. In case the donations would exceed the proposed sum of € 20.000,00, Sigiswald and Marleen would be very, very happy to put the extra money already aside in view of a later LPB -project: J. Haydn's opera L'Infedeltà Delusa. For the five singers who will perform this piece, nine costumes will have to be made, since there are several funny disguise-scènes for the principal role... LPB's costumière Marijke Sileghem will have busy days...

Who knows, perhaps the donations will reach the total of € 30.000,00.

From now on, you can contribute to the realization of the first CD of LPB's Bach concerto project, and feel like wandering in spirit and thoughts with Sigiswald and Marleen...

You can donate using the following:

  • On our website on the left, you'll find a PayPal button.

    If you choose this method, please send your name and address to

  • Direct transfer to "Votre Petite Bande"

    IBAN: BE30 4310 6868 0111

    Message: "Donation Camino 2019" + name and address

  • For Belgian citizens: Direct transfer to the account of the King Baudouin-foundation

    IBAN: BE10 0000 0000 0404

    Structured message: ***013/0370/00060***

    If you choose this method, please send your name and address to

How will La Petite Bande thank its donors for this pilgrimage 2019?

  • Marleen and Sigiswald will elaborate their travel-notes after returning home, and send this final journal to all donors.

  • When the sum of € 20.000,00 is reached, LPB will offer an exclusive concert for the donors on September 6, 2019. The program will include the 4 Bach-concertos of the first CD. It will be hold at the Keizersberg Abbey in Leuven (Belgium). After the concert the monks will offer to all donors a friendly meal in their refectory, with products of their own: bread, cheese and beer.

  • The first CD of the series of three will be recorded in March 2020. A copy will be sent to all donors by post when this CD is released (in September/October 2020). Therefore, please send your name and address to

Sigiswald and Marleen will go out for three weeks, a bit like they say "as God in France", gratefully enjoying the beauty and the gifts of the country.

Be there and enjoy!