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Camino 2019

Will Sigiswald Kuijken and Marleen Thiers walk alone on their pilgrimage this year, without their friend Jean-Marie?

Yes, they will indeed...Their walking companion Jean-Marie cannot join them this time in order to complete the Camino all the way to Santiago de Compostela ...
For that reason, they decided together to postpone until 2020 their arrival in Santiago.

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€ 8 519,95

Leuven, eeuwenoud springlevend

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Interview: Mattheüs Passion in Amsterdam

Intimate like 300 years ago: The baroque music visionary Sigiswald Kuijken conducts the St. Matthew Passion with a small ensemble. In a small band, this seems as strong as in the great Amsterdam Concertgebouw...

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Interview: Sigiswald Kuijken on Klara

On 27 December from 14:00 to 16:00, Sigiswald gave an interview about Bach on Klara. The interview can be listened to again online via the following link (interview starts at about 1:00:00 in the recording):

Klara webradio

Message by Sigiswald Kuijken

As you might know, for reasons that are not properly understood the Flemish Government terminated its guaranteed annual financial support for La Petite from January 1st 2013: we are the only Belgian orchestra to be treated in this manner, despite our international reputation and extensive discography and contribution to Belgian, European and indeed worldwide musical life. The loss of Government financial support has put La Petite Bande in serious financial difficulties, and we are all working very hard to raise money to ensure that our unique orchestra can continue its work. We are sure that we will succeed, but to do so we need your support, to ensure that we will be able to continue our work and make music!

More information to support the orchestra, as explained by Sigiswald, can be found here:

Joining the new 'LPB Friend group'

The Bach Book


Posted: Tuesday, 18 June 2019 at 18h04.
New release: The Chamber Music - The Accent Recordings (1978 - 2007)
New release: The Chamber Music - The Accent Recordings (1978 - 2007)

Winner of the Golden Tuning Fork (Diapasion d'Or) 2019

Posted: Sunday, 17 March 2019 at 10h34.
New release: Auferstehungshistorie (SWV 50)
New release: Auferstehungshistorie (SWV 50)